The National Institute of Public Administration assures intensive training for the state senior public servants . INA is the outcome of Syria's belief in achieving the firm foundations of administrative reform , development and modernizing the public sectors in ministries and public institutions . The institute administration sets out the study and training plan annually . Candidates are enrolled in a preparatory cycle at the centers that prepare them for entrance at INA . The cycle lasts for six months . At the end of it the candidates should submit to five competitive entrance exams. In general, 50% percent out of the top 100 are given admission to INA after an interview . INA council also discusses annually the number of students that may gain admission. The students are from civil servants and from outside the public service. All students are attributed salaries upon admission at INA . INA also provides them with high-level training in the following disciplines : economics ,public administration and management , public law , international law , general knowledge ,and foreign languages . The training at the institute is not only provided by experienced university professors who have professional experience in administrative policy but also by professional public personals such as ministers , prefects , mayors , general managers ,deans ,and heads of international organizations . The students do internships with national and international institution in Syria.